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LIFE GIVING LIST: Editable Excel spreadsheet . The Excel file can be opened and edited with a Mac or PC

LIFE GIVING LIST: Non editable PDF version to print and fill out by hand.

LIFE GIVING LIST: Editable PDF version .

Universal Sources of Anxiety with brief descriptions. 

NOTE: We occasionally add a universal source as we identify new dynamics. This PDF last updated June 2021.


Most genogram keys are too technical and take attention away from the narrative. This is a simplified key that captures the essentials, but helps a group stay engaged with a genogram rather than trying to decifer too many shapes and colors. 

The first time you present or host a genogram can be intimidating. This list of questions is to prompt your group to ask as the genogram presenter speaks. 

PDFs you can download for reference as you go through the Deeper Dive Enneagram module.