From my earliest days as a hospital chaplain, I learned that we all manage 3 spaces in our life.

1. The space inside us with all manner of triggers, assumptions and the story we tell ourselves.

2. The space between us, or between those we work with.

3. The space between us and God.

Capable Life equips you with tools to manage those spaces in a way that integrates emotional health and spiritual health.

With these tools you will be able to notice and name what is going on in you, and flip the power dynamic so you can go from being managed by it to managing it.

You will learn to notice recurring patterns between people, why we get stuck and how to break unhealthy patterns.

You will practice tools to help you become a calm, aware, presence in the face of the unknown, tension, challenge, ambiguity and frustration.

A Capable Human can practice Calm, Aware Presence in the face of anxiety and tension.

From my earliest days as a hospital chaplain, I learned that we all have a whole world inside us that easily erupts and it infects our ability to be fully present to people and to God.

I also quickly learned that crisis reveals the condition of a family. If the family was close, the crisis brought them closer. If the family was in tension, they argued their way through the crisis.

I was shocked to discover that the profound lessons I learned in the ICU wards and ER waiting lounges translate to work place and home place dynamics.

I have forged tools and pathways over the past 20 years to help anyone notice and name what is going on inside them and what is going on between people.

What The Membership Will Offer:

1. Weekly 7-12 minute videos teaching one tool or concept to practice each week. 

2.  Monthly Zoom calls with a certified facilitator. Q&A, small group discussion. All Zooms recorded and archived for easy access. 

3.  Weekly self assessment questions to guide you to put into practice what you are learning. 

4. Confidential online discussion forum to engage others. 

5. Masterclass opportunities for those wanting to explore one concept deeper. Masterclass price for members: always $10. 

6. Coaching Cohorts available at a discount for members. 

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