We help leaders and parents

Then We help you do the same for your people.

You can be a Connected, Aware, Present, ABLE (CAP-ABLE) human in the work place and home place.

Lower reactivity. Increase connectedness.​

Leadership anxiety is more complex than 'worry' and 'fear.'

It is a lava bubbling under the surface, ready to erupt.

When someone emails, 'we need to meet.'
When you're driven by control, perfection, approval or always being there for people.
When you keep running into yourself: your negative habits and tendencies.
When you struggle to shake criticism and wish you were thicker skinned.
When your inner critic speaks louder than the voice of God.
When someone violates your unspoken values.
When some of your team have their own meeting after the meeting.
When you're not sure how to address a staff member's chronic bad habits.
When you find yourself triangled, in a double bind, a mixed message, or dozens of common anxiety generating dynamics.
When you see anxiety spread in a group, but don't know how to manage it.

You'll Learn How To

Pay attention to anxiety in and around you.

Learn to quiet the voice of your Inner Critic and lessen its grip.

Change the dynamic between you and others even if they DO NOT change

Identify your unique sources of anxiety that keep you spun up and reactive.

Notice and diffuse anxiety in a group. Move a group from anxious to calm.

Identify traits passed down through your family of origin that help or hurt you.

Become a guide, helping people get unstuck and free from toxic patterns. 

Discern types of critics and how to treat them differently.

Understand how you can displace anxiety with The Gospel in the moment.

Go at your own pace

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Hi, I'm Steve, and I can help.

Steve Cuss

Steve Cuss

I recently wrote Managing Leadership Anxiety: Yours and Theirs to help leaders and parents: 

  • Get relief from pressure.
  • Diagnose anxiety sources in themselves and their people.
  • Encounter God in profound ways while leading.

My unique experience and training deepened my leadership capacity to manage anxiety and notice it in groups.
I am a Spiritual Care Professional in the Association of Clinical Pastoral Education. I hold Sixteen hundred hours of supervised ministry in CPE and an Masters degree focusing on Family Systems Theory and Theology

I first learned these tools when I served
as a trauma and hospice chaplain.

Every day I helped people navigate the worst moments of their lives, and I often helped people navigate death.

I was surprised to learn that if I really wanted to help them, I had to pay attention to what was going on in me.

The key is learning to manage 4 spaces in our life:

Watch this quick message from Steve

What's Included

1. Video Modules

15 modules with self assessments to track progress and help you practice tools

Once you are a member for a year, you keep access to all completed modules for the life of this website.


2. Discussion Forum

Confidential forum with weekly support emails with links and tips

Leaders need a safe place to share their heart and hear, ‘me too, you’re not alone.’ Our forums are password protected and designed to help you find confidential support from peers.

When you’re stuck, have a case or a question, you can submit it for one of our coaches to guide you. 

3. Monthly Zoom Q&A

Connect with like minded members around the globe

Join one of our certified coaches on a monthly zoom for Q&A, case discussions and updates on what you’re working on.

Capable Life members currently come from 14 countries covering 15 time zones, so each month we offer AM and PM zoom options to cover your time zone. 


Exclusive ONLY to members

Downloadable PDF References

Documents for You to Keep

Exclusive Masterclasses

Deep Dive with our Experts

Private Case Studies

Includes Bonus Video Content

These tools help you experience deep, transformative change, even if you have been stuck or spinning for years. 

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$42 per month or $420 per year


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$36 per month
$360 per year

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Steve has heart to heart conversations full of
compassion and wisdom.

I underlined almost everything in Steve’s book. Steve has heart to heart conversations full of  compassion and wisdom.

Christine Caine

A21 and Equip and Empower

A trusted guide for those looking to lead as a “calm presence” in the world

When I think of the people who can best help leaders navigate the troubling effects of anxiety, Steve Cuss is at the top of the list. With profound depth of insight, humor, and empathy, Steve is a trusted guide for those looking to lead as a “calm presence” in the world. I’ve had him speak at our church, and highly recommend him for your personal life and congregation.

Rich Villodas

Lead Pastor of New Life Fellowship and Author of The Deeply Formed Life

Steve Cuss invites us to look more deeply at the way we lead and the way our teams function.

Every leader faces a unique kind of anxiety that comes from knowing that we are not quite what we need to be. With disarming vulnerability and keen new insight, Steve Cuss invites us to look more deeply at the way we lead and the way our teams function. Through guided personal reflection and system analysis, Steve imparts wisdom that will help leaders last and churches thrive.

Glenn Packiam

Glenn Packiam

You have been carrying pressures and triggers for sometime and you will not be different unless you do something different.

The most frequent response we hear is, “I can't believe how quickly I broke some patterns. I wish I had these tools years ago."

We stand by our training and strategies 100%. If you do not get a clear and transformative path to identifying and managing your anxiety in 30 days we will cancel and refund your membership. No hassle, no questions asked.

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Regular Price:

$42 per month or $420 per year


Today's Price:

$36 per month
$360 per year

Want to sign up a group?

Discounts start at 10+ team members

Frequently Asked Questions

How much time will this take?

Most use Capable Life like a self paced class. They watch a 10 minute video each week, work the discussion and zooms. This approach takes anywhere from 20 – 60 minutes per week, including discussion and zooms.  

Others use Capable Life like a reference library. They ‘pull a module off the shelf’ as situations arise, they join zooms only when they need. 

I am not a leader or a pastor, will this benefit me?

Absolutely! Capable life has parents, business people, medical professionals, missionaries and pastors.

These tools were born from a theory called “Family Systems Theory” and can greatly benefit anyone who deals with home or work place dynamics. 

Do I have to participate in the online discussion? and Zoom meetings?


The online community and zoom are provided so that you can share and receive peer support. However, if you are uncomfortable for whatever reason to get involved you do not have to. Some of our participants choose a pseudonym username for anonymity. 

I'd like a group of us to watch these. Can we all use one registration?

No. Capable Life is legally designed for a single use license per subscription. Many teams sign their group up and assign videos for members to watch and then host their own team discussions. 

I have tried so many things to overcome my anxiety, what makes this different?

It is common to spend years carrying triggers and pressures. This theory is not a magic bullet, but because it is relatively unknown and quite revolutionary in its approach, many people experience early breakthrough and relief. We have done the extra work of building a path of tools and concepts anyone can walk. Of course, what is also true is that after a couple of quick wins, the deeper, longer work is ahead to experience profound, long term change. 

Does Capable Life replace therapy?


Proper one on one or family therapy is a state licensed science. This program is an integration of psychological theory, change theory and theology. There are many situations (PTSD, G.A.D, Clinical Depression) that go beyond the scope of Capable Life. We help you manage anxiety that is generated from leadership and parenting challenges and pressures. We teach a model of ‘Systems Theory’ that can revolutionize your wellbeing, but we would not encourage you to see CL as a replacement for licensed therapy. 

Is this a confidential space?

Capable Life takes the privacy of our members very seriously, as a result we do our best to ensure their privacy. All our tools and discussion forums are password protected and we utilize a web hosting provider who actively monitors the health and security of the site.

Some members, for their own reasons, choose a username that keeps their identity private.

What happens if I feel I need personalized 1:1 support?

We provide discounted coaching to CL members. Once you log in, you will see a menu item for coaching. You can submit a request for group or one on one coaching.

How will the content be delivered?

You will have a member dashboard of categories: video modules, zoom meetings, masterclasses, PDF downloads. The heart of CL is a series of video modules made up of brief videos 8 – 12 minutes each. 

Can I keep access to material after I am no longer a paying member?

YES! Unlike many memberships, once you have been a member of Capable Life for one year, you retain ongoing access to all modules you completed while you were a paying member. We will be here as a reference library for you long after you’ve paid. 

What should I do if I find that a few months in and I am not getting the results that I expected?

Capable Life isn’t necessarily for everyone. Monthly members can cancel anytime. Annual members can cancel for a complete refund within 30 days of joining. 

You cannot read or listen your way to transformation.

You need intentional tools and a proven path that we offer in Capable Life.

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Regular Price:

$42 per month or $420 per year


Today's Price:

$36 per month
$360 per year
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