CAP-Able: Connected, Aware, Present, Able.

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You can thrive as a pastor, amidst pressure, responsibility and dwindling resources.

Launching January 4th

Rate for pastors: $28 per month/$280 per year

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Hi, I'm Steve Cuss

I have served as pastor for 25 years. No one really knows the pressure and responsibility pastors feel except other pastors. I have forged some hard fought tools for your emotional and spiritual health. 

The unspoken secret of many pastors: we feel a gap between the love of God we teach others and the love we feel ourselves. 

Sometimes working for God  hinders our enjoyment of God. We are better at telling others of the love of God than receiving it ourselves. We carry immense pressure, face criticism and manage a broad list of skills. We sacrifice our own well being for the call

It doesn’t have to be that way. We can thrive as pastors, even amidst tremendous pressure and stress. 

Steve Cuss - speaking

Capable Life equips you with specific tools that help you notice, name and move through triggers and pressures pastors face. 

We equip you to understand the nature and impact of ‘chronic’ anxiety inside of you and in the groups you lead. 

We equip you with: 

  • Understanding the nature of anxiety. 
  • The power of differentiation of self.
  • How sabotage and resistance works in the face of change and how to move through.  
  • How your family of origin infects the way you show up.
  • 29 sources of anxiety and how to overcome them. 
  • Battling your inner critic.
  • Noticing when people are ‘stuck’ with ‘more of the same’ and ‘try harder.’ 
  • Overcoming toxic habits in you and others. 
  • Ways to viscerally encounter the love of God amidst pressure and anxiety. 
  • MUCH more. 

A Capable Pastor can practice Connected, Aware Presence
in the face of anxiety and tension.

More About Steve

Steve is a Lead Pastor and has 25 years of full time ministry experience. He is a Spiritual Care Professional in the Association of Clinical Pastoral Education and holds sixteen hundred hours of supervised ministry in CPE. He studied Family Systems Theory and theology in Grad school and has since integrated his chaplain experience, systems theory and pastoral experience into a set of tools to help leaders notice, name and move through anxiety and pressure in themselves and the people they lead. Steve has been using and teaching these tools locally for over a decade and they have largely allowed him to thrive in a high pressure, rapid growth church leadership context. 

Steve knows internal and relational pressure, the spinning mind, resistance to change, sabotage and struggling with the breadth of skill required. He also knows firsthand the power of gospel first for the leader, and how healthy leadership infects unhealthy situations with the Gospel to create healthy culture. 

The tools Steve has learned and forged have been hard fought and they work. These tools became the Harper Collins book Managing Leadership Anxiety: Yours and Theirs.

Capable Life is your opportunity for a lived experience of these tools. A book is great to read, but these tools need to be embodied and practiced to work. Steve’s deepest desire is for leaders to use these tools to find the peace, freedom and love they so eloquently share with others. 

Steve Cuss

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