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Where is the anxiety coming from? Who is catching it?

Chronic anxiety does not go away on its own, it has to be noticed, named and diffused. This introduction video gets you off to a powerful start by learning about the 4 spaces where anxiety resides and spreads. In any work or home place situation, you’ll notice which of the 4 spaces are activated and how to diffuse it.

Other videos in this series cover: the nature and rules of Chronic Anxiety, how to notice and tame your inner critic, diffusing anxiety in you and others, cultivating a long list of life giving habits, how to differentiate yourself from enmeshment and detachment and some universal sources of anxiety.

Each video is 15 – 20 minutes long with discussion questions and comes in two versions: one for church groups and one for marketplace. You can choose to stream or download. Each purchase automatically gives you access to the faith and non faith versions.

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Other videos in the series:

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