12 Week Journal – Calm, Aware, Present


Lower reactivity, manage triggers, increase calm and get relief.

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Digital PDF version of the journal and Family Life Giving List

This is simply an immediately available download of the journal and the family life giving list that comes with a physical journal. The journal pdf is not editable or tillable but the family LGL is.



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So many of us are carrying more than we need.

More triggers, more pressure, more spinning brain, more racing heart. We need a path through to go from being managed by anxiety to managing anxiety. We have carefully designed this journal to help

 Notice, name and diffuse your anxiety.

There are many forms of anxiety: trauma, generalized anxiety disorder, OCD etc but we’re focusing on ‘chronic’ anxiety which makes you reactive, either outwardly or inwardly.

Chronic anxiety is unique for two reasons: 

1) It is generated by assumptions, triggers and false needs.

2) It is the only anxiety that is contagious.

With a few key tools you can learn to notice and name the anxiety – what is generating it, where it is coming from, who is catching it. Then you can diffuse it in you and your people.

Anxiety wants to keep us on a treadmill of ‘more of the same’ and ‘try harder.’

This 12 week journey offers tools to pause, diagnose and diffuse sources of anxiety.

Your journey begins with a couple of foundational tools. Then for 8 weeks, you go through the rythym of:

  • A new tool each week.
  • Daily questions you can use anytime during the day.
  • A midweek reflection.
  • An end of week meditation.

Weeks 9 – 12 integrate these tools into your daily life until they become more natural for you, offering daily, midweek and end of week reflection and guides.

The end of the journal has long term tools: a life giving list, a workload scrub, a list of 31 universal anxiety generators and more.

 Lower reactivity and increase calm.

We wanted to design a journal that wasn’t just functional, but elegant and customized. It has features found in the most expensive journals in the world:

  • 304 pages of ivory heavy weight acid free no bleed paper.
  • Lay flat stitching.
  • Bullet pages for sketching imagery, doodling, and generally creating beauty.
  • A playlist to capture your favorite songs. (We have suggested some of our own.)
  • Two Life Giving Lists: one in the back of your journal and one large gloss insert your  household can do together.
  • Box, cloth cover, color page quotes and more.

 We designed this journal for adults and teens, but pre teens can benefit with your guidance. 

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