Group Study Workbook – Faith Based Edition


A premium, matte, full-color workbook and access to 8 videos that teach our core tools.  This is designed to be used by groups who want to learn how to manage anxiety and reactivity through 8 guided sessions.

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This faith-based companion workbook follows the 8 video series Managing Leadership Anxiety: Yours and Theirs. In these videos, Steve teaches tools to help us start noticing reactivity and naming triggers so we can become more connected, aware, and present.

We’ve designed the workbooks to guide groups through each video in 3 parts. 

  • The first is a fill-in-the-blank note section that helps you follow the videos. We suggest you watch the video either before your meeting or at the beginning of your meeting. Each video is 10-20 minutes in length.
  • The second part guides the group through a discussion with questions or an activity. We recommend breaking into groups of 5-7 for the discussion. Externalizing is an important part of the process, and the videos will give common language to your group and encouragement to share their story.
  • The final section gives an opportunity for self-reflection and ends with a suggested brave practice that will challenge each person to take real but simple steps for change and growth.

We have also included a leaders guide so that each group is equipped with tools to facilitate beneficial discussion.

Each workbook has a QR code that grants streaming access to the video series, so a membership to Capable Life is not required.

Below is some information on the videos you’ll get access to

Video 1: The 4 Spaces
This introduction video gets you off to a powerful start by learning about the 4 spaces where anxiety resides and spreads. In any work or home place situation, you’ll notice which of the 4 spaces are activated and how to diffuse it.

Video 2: The Nature of Chronic Anxiety
This video explains the different types of anxiety and shows how our tools help you manage the only type of anxiety that is contagious. You’ll learn to start identifying the sources and the grip they have on you.

Video 3: Dealing with your inner critic
All of us have an inner critic. This video explores the messages of this condemning voice and how they compare against the messages of the Gospel.

Video 4: Theology of Anxiety
There are 5 false needs that generate much of our reactivity. This video explores what might be in the way of you experiencing the freedom of Christ.

Video 5: Universal Sources of Anxiety
We all have very specific sources of anxiety, but there are some that make all of us reactive. This video introduces you to some universal sources of anxiety that we have identified.

Video 6: Life Giving List
Anxiety has a way of displacing our awareness of God. Sometimes we get reactive because of a simple imbalance of input vs output. The life giving list is a way to help you stub your toe on the goodness of God daily.

Video 7: Differentiation
Differentiation is the cornerstone concept of systems theory. This tool can help you navigate anxiety and lower reactivity by paying attention to how you spread and catch it.

Differentiation module

Video 8: Putting it into Practice
Transformation doesn’t happen by simply learning a new concept, but rather by the actions you can take to begin showing up differently. Brave practice is the key to change.