Each module offers a series of brief videos that flesh out one tool or concept. Some modules have a pre and post self assessment for you to track your progress and integrate your learning. 

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Intro To Anxiety In You

Managing anxiety is less about “trying harder” and more about slowing down and deepening awareness of: HOW anxiety shows up in your mind and body. Understanding different types of anxiety and their impact. Noticing recurring patterns in yourself. Broadening your connection with God and others while narrowing the grip of anxiety.

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Universal Sources of Anxiety Part 1

This module has a series of videos that can be watched in any order. Quite a lot of anxiety is universal to all of us. By learning different sources of anxiety, you can help diagnose a case – for yourself or your team

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Life Giving List

Sometimes anxiety can’t be worked through, it has to be displaced. Anxiety struggles to reside alongside love and laughter, so cultivating life giving habits is an essential Capable Life practice. This module helps you begin your life giving list. You will use it reactively when you are anxious and proactively by intentionally calendaring life giving habits.

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Take steps toward freedom from the grip of anxiety by: Connecting with people while also disagreeing. Responding in conflict rather than reacting to it. being present with an anxious person, but not catch or carry their anxiety.

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Intro to Anxiety In Groups

Anxiety is contagious in groups and often the most anxious person in the room is the most anxious. We look at the way anxiety spreads between people, how to pay attention to the process of it and how to help a group de escalate anxiety.

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Dissolving Resistance

Groups work together, consciously or unconsciously to stay the same. This is part of what makes leadership so hard, but a canny leader can anticipate resistance and dissolve it, rather than push directly against it and be frustrated.

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Lowering Anxiety In Them

One powerful tool for any leader is learning how to lower anxiety in a group or in another person. There is a fine line between helping and being condescending, but with care and nuance, you can powerfully lower another’s anxiety. These videos show you the tools to do just that. 

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Family of Origin Dynamics

We were all children once. And we all grew into adulthood. Because we make meaning out of our experiences and because our early experiences can forge deep meaning, we can find much freedom and liberation by exploring the dynamics in our family of origin. This module offers some simple and then some deeper tools to explore these dynamics and how they impact us now.

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Simple Reactivity Training

While Systems Theory can get deep and complex, sometimes the most helpful thing is to notice reactivity in its simplest form. In this brief video we look at getting bigger and smaller and broad categories of false needs. Of course, like all our tools we also look at reactivity in groups.

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Anxiety, Freedom and The Gospel

Chronic anxiety is based on assumptions, false needs and false beliefs. Chronic anxiety puts us in a false reality so we can no longer see what is true and we struggle to see God. The good news of Jesus is true, sets us free and leads us into freedom. Of course the challenge is living into this reality.

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Enneagram and Your Anxiety

How does Enneagram interact with Systems Theory? In this module, Capable Life coach Jimmy Carnes leads us in ways to understand our postures, reactions and more based on our enneagram number.  While it is helpful to know your number going into this module, you can still benefit without knowing about the enneagram or your number. 

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Communication Style and Anxiety

This single video/single assessment module is designed to help you grow in your awareness of how you and your people think and communicate and when one of you stops communicating freely.

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Breaking Stuck Patterns In You

What do you do when you keep running into yourself? Introducing a powerful tool to help you notice, name and break free of some deeply entrenched patterns. The tool is the verbatim. It is commonly used in chaplaincy, counseling and seminary to help you reflect on how you show up. This module equips you with everything, including templates, to present and facilitate verbatim groups.

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Enneagram Part 2: A Deeper Dive

Part 2 in our Enneagram series. Jimmy Carnes teaches holy ideas, virtues, passions and ego fixations to help you name, notice and diffuse some unique sources of anxiety.

Miscellaneous Videos

Unlike module videos, these videos do not need to be watched in any sequence. They are extra resources to help you, responses to cases submitted in the forum and more. 

Like the module videos above, these videos can be keyword searched from the menu above.