Each module offers a series of brief videos that flesh out one tool or concept. Some modules have a pre and post self assessment for you to track your progress and integrate your learning. 

Everyone begins with the Foundations module, and completing that will unlock every other available module. From there you can choose any module in any order you wish or go back and revisit a video. A new module will be added each month.

You can re watch any video any time. The keyword search in the top menu can help you find a tool in a previous video. 

Every week, we send an email featuring a ‘video of the week.’ 

New modules added monthly all through 2021 and 2022. 

Unlike module videos, these videos do not need to be watched in any sequence. They are extra resources to help you, responses to cases submitted in the forum and more. 

Like the module videos above, these videos can be keyword searched from the menu above.