First Look Into Capable Life

I was recently sitting with a war veteran who had been in active combat and lost friends in battle. After years of ignoring it, he had just begun to dig into his trauma and how it impacted him and his loved ones. He had seen a therapist twice and he said to me, ‘I’m not sure I want to open this big can of worms. What if I end up rocking myself in the fetal position afterward?’

I get the concern. He had gotten this far without ever having the deal with it.

I hear this a lot when people first look into Capable Life. With all you have going on, do you really have time and energy to get into your stuff? What if that makes you more anxious not less?

But the reality is that you can find massive and long term relief in a short period of time with Capable Life, because you’re not tackling everything at once. I’ve designed a process that helps you ease in a manageable step at a time. We’re not throwing you in the deep end, we’re easing you in step by step. And better yet, you’re always choosing what to tackle and how much. Since anxiety generally makes you feel out of control, an essential part of Capable Life is that you always stay in control of what you dig into and when. Most people are surprised at the sudden breakthrough they feel after just the first few videos.

The heart of Capable Life is a set of brief 8-12 minute videos and self assessments. Most of our people choose a rhythm: a video per week or even one per month. Most people spend 15 – 30 minutes per week total on their Capable Life experience and find profound change.

How can you change with so little time? Because Capable Life is designed to help in your ongoing thinking patterns and assumptions and even a small time working on it can give big results.

It is true that some people go all in. They participate in the zoom calls and the online discussion, but Capable Life is intentionally slow, dripping out tools in a manageable pace and most of all, allowing you to choose what and when you’re ready to tackle and area.

Because anxiety keeps you spinning, you can experience significant relief by noticing, locating the source, naming and displacing, even 15 – 30 minutes per week.

You can click below to see the specific modules we cover. Why wait? You can start today.

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