Overview of Capable Life

Thanks for visiting my site and checking out some of the resources. My name is Steve Cuss and I help Christian leaders and parents build relational and spiritual health by lowering reactivity and increasing connectedness in the work place and home place.

No small claim, eh?

Specifically, I help people break stuck patterns, get relief from pressure, understand common anxiety dynamics, bring known and unknown triggers to the surface and help you encounter God’s freedom, peace and love through tools called Capable Life.

And then help you do the same for your people.

And yep, some of you are anxious right now because I started TWO sentences in a row with an ‘and.’

Maybe you’ve read my book or listened to some of my podcast episodes, or maybe you heard me speak, but you’ve found freedom and peace to be elusive. It’s common, isn’t it: to be better at sharing the love of Christ than encountering it for yourself? It is also common to bear down and try harder, rather than pause and actually dive deeper into transformation. Most of us struggle with that.

But you really can be different. You truly can encounter the peace, freedom and love that Jesus offers in the midst of leading, parenting, pressures, triggers, all of it. I should know. I started this same journey you’re on when I was 24 as a trauma and hospice chaplain. Several times per day I had to walk into the worst moment of peoples’ lives and help them. I was surprised to discover the counter intuitive truth that if I was to really connect with others, I had to first connect with myself. Even after all these years, that doesn’t come naturally to me.

Through 26 years of local church leadership and through parenting 3 teens, two of them into adulthood, and through teaching my staff this path, I have seen profound results. Now, the Capable Life Path is in 15+ countries.

You’ll hear from me occasionally with helpful tools or upcoming events and webinars etc that might serve you well. Most of what I offer costs no money at all, just some time and bravery to try something. Some of what I offer costs money, but always, no pressure.

While you’re replying, if you’re inclined, tell me a bit about yourself. I enjoy getting to know folks. You’ll certainly learn a lot about me as I share from my own journey and struggles.

Your time is precious and overwhelm is real. If these emails aren’t beneficial to you, now is a great time to unsubscribe. No worries.

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